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Infinite Roots Workshops & Classes

Infinite Roots offers both public and private workshops and classes. Most classes are hands on and will include a remedy made in class that students will take home.

Click here for a listing of upcoming workshops that are open to the public. 

Click here for information on hosting a private workshop for your friends and family.

Feel free to contact AnnMarie to set something up. 

Popular workshops include: 

Basic Tincture Making (2 hours) 

Fire Cider; History, Preparation & Current Controversy (2 hours)

Flower Essences & the Energetics of Plants (2 hours)

Herbal Oils, Salve & Lip Balm (2 hours) 

Syrups, Cordials & Elixirs (2 hours)

The Art of Herbal Tea & the Formula Diamond (2 hours)

Adaptogens, Roots & Herbs for Fall Immunity (2 hours)

Herbalism Through The Ages (4-6 hours; a two-part class)

Plant & Mushroom Walk (2 hours)

Flower Essence Workshop at Huguenot Street Farm

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