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Infinite Roots Smoke Blends

Original Blend

Mullein+, Mugwort+, Catnip~, 

Skullcap*, Alfalfa*, Damiana* 

& Lavender*

+Sustainably wildcrafted ingredient

~Locally Certified Naturally Grown

*Certified organically grown

Infinite Roots Original Smoking

Blend is a relaxing blend of herbs meant to calm the nerves and uplift the mood.

*It is not meant to be mixed with tobacco because mullein is said to open bronchial passages. 

Quitter's Blend

Sage~, Hyssop*, Tulsi~, Skullcap*,

Coltsfoot* & Lobelia*

~Locally Certified Naturally Grown

*Certified organically grown

If you're looking to quit smoking tobacco, Infinite Roots Quitter's Smoking Blend is a helpful ally. Lobelia is said to help minimize cravings. It can be mixed with tobacco to help you slowly ween yourself off but still have something relaxing to smoke. Also delicious on its own. 

Infinite Roots Signature Spice Blend

Super Vitality Sprinkle

Nettle+, Thyme*, Cilantro*, Nutritional Yeast*, Toasted Sesame Seeds*, Garlic*, Himalayan Sea Salt & Spirulina*

A tasty way to get your vitamins and minerals! An all-purpose spice blend that can be added to soup, salad or anything savory. 

+Sustainably wildcrafted ingredient

*Certified organically grown

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